Valo Intranet

Valo Intranet is a ready-to-go digital workplace solution for Office 365 and SharePoint on-prem.

Valo Intranet contains multiple features to create a modern Intranet easily, as well as multiple templates and functionalities to make Intranet creation easy. 

Valo Intranet also allows you to display activity of your company in Social Media with the Social Hub, a group of Widgets that display content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and etc.

Valo also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS which allows users to browse their Intranet on the go. You have three main tabs where you can see the Highlight news, all the News and lastly the Alert News. You can also click a single button and go to your Intranet page and browse it from your mobile device.

An intranet you’ll fall in love with

Valo Digital Workplace makes managing your work easier while providing a rich social platform for the staff. It’s the center of all internal communication and teamwork in your organization. Valo offers all the features your team will need – along with a beautiful user experience

Ready-to-go intranet on SharePoint and Office 365

Beautiful user experience

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Customize to fit your needs

Get started fast

Valo is a ready-to-go intranet solution – we can deliver as fast as in one week! 

Communicating is as easy as in social media

Engage employees and exchange ideas easily using Yammer. Comment, like and share status updates. Keep your team up to date with the latest company news and events on your desktop or with our mobile app.

Like, share and comment using Yammer

Publish News and Blogs

Desktop and mobile app

360 view of social activity


In the cloud or on-premises

Valo supports both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server 2013 & 2016. Valo Intranet scales from small companies to global enterprises.

Core Features

Valo Intranet offers a rich platform for all your organization’s communication needs.

News Publishing

Target news by groups. Engage people with comments and likes. Add images with drag & drop function.

Event Hub

Keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.


Use our ready-made templates of the most common forms, such as a holiday applications and expense claims.

News Alerts

Make important announcements using the news alert pop up at the front page of your Intranet.

Open Positions

Introduce the best people to the right positions by using our in-house recruiting tools.

Quick Links

Navigate quickly to promoted content via the Intranet front page shortcuts.

Page Templates

Intuitive page templates have everything necessary in place, so you can focus on the content.


Publish and analyze quick surveys on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees.


Improve employee happiness by providing an in-house marketplace where people can sell, buy, and donate items.


We utilize SharePoint’s powerful search experience. Locating relevant information is easy and fast.

Employee Blog

Our intuitive publishing platform makes sharing content with co-workers easy and fun.


Valo FAQ includes a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs as needed.

Expand your intranet

Add more content to your Intranet, use blogs and video, engage people in social hubs and utilize admin tools to further improve the experience.

Delve Blogs

With Delve blog you can bring the latest blog posts of your staff into the intranet.



Display latest videos on Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.



Admin Toolpack & Analytics

View and analyze most popular pages and groups, pending group orders, user statistics and more.




Social Hub

Compile your company activity in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on a single page on the intranet.

People Finder

Search co-workers quickly by name or phone number using SharePoint’s People search and Delve profiles.



Localize your Intranet. We currently support 17 languages out-of-the-box.