Microsoft SharePoint

Enterprise Content Management

First and foremost, the SharePoint system is about effective content management. With the way that records, documents, presentations, and other forms of data multiply from year to year, it’s crucial that the information be organized correctly.
Regardless of the size of your organization, appropriate content management is one of the greatest keys to maximizing efficiency, ensuring accurate information, simplifying communication, and increasing profits.

For all groups, we provide:
Effective management of diverse content.
  • We  can  help  in  creating  a  centrally managed repository with  integrated search capabilities. This secure interface will help all members of your organization find and share information comfortably and quickly.
Management solutions for multiple websites.
  • We can provide you with website publishing systems that enable you to take control of your own website publishing, increasing update speed and lowering IT costs.
Compliance-ready records management.
  • The integrated records management solution provided by Limtech allows you to store and protect your business records in a form that meets all compliance and legal requirements.
For enterprise-scale groups, we can create one integrated platform that allows you to manage all company content regardless of your organization’s size. This can include content and data from vendors, suppliers, your public site, your primary Intranet, and more. These Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are developed using the proprietary SOS framework to reduce the cost of development.