Public Cloud Managed Services

Limtech provides the enterprise-grade managed services you need to run applications on the leading public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Virtustream.

Our public cloud experts:

  • Configure and deploy public cloud IaaS
  • Configure and deploy applications and services on public cloud IaaS
  • Design and architect your public cloud environment
  • Integrate public cloud services with other enterprise IT
  • Automate provisioning to accelerate deployment
  • Provide managed services for IaaS and applications, including technical support, backups, and monitoring of service performance
  • Secure the intersection of public cloud and enterprise environments
  • Broker public cloud services on your behalf, or equip you with self-service brokering and provisioning capabilities

Your enterprise benefits from:

  • Control over costs and cost allocations
  • Higher IT organization focus on business mission-critical applications
  • Capital efficiency: exit the data center
  • Standardized applications and processes.
  • Being able to pilot innovative service projects to scale up quickly
  • Rapidly evolving services to stay ahead of the competition
  • Enabling a digital-first strategy

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